Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Last of the Time Lords

Jesus H Bidmead....

I haven't been able to bring myself to write about this one until now. What can I say? That really was one of the worst pieces of television I've seen in a long time. Hard to believe that this sordid piece of bad taste could be written by the same person as the uplifting and moving Gridlock. Do I really want to see my heroes being humiliated and tortured as Saturday night entertainment? It's hard to see what Davies was trying to do that couldn't have been achieved with a more intellectual threat. There were the germs of good ideas there, but the execution was appalling. Generally, I like the idea of the Doctor encouraging the people of Earth to believe in an ideal - if he had somehow taught them to feed into the Archangel network and empower themselves to overthrow the Master, that would have been fantastic. But to turn himself into a god figure was just horrendously done. Still, the one good bit was the Master's death: the idea that he chose to die as the only way he could gain a final victory over the Doctor was very powerful.

Hey, never mind, earlier the same day I enjoyed The Infinite Quest, which was much more like it.

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Anonymous said...

the masters not dead shes regenerated

that scene with the ring was a total
rip off from flash gordon